I currently have zfd 6.5 on a nw oes 6.5 sp5 server. A had to rename the
tree and since that time my remote managment has not functioned. I posted
in the 6.5 forum and the end results seems to be reinstall zfd. The wrkst
objects do not function, nor can a wrkst be recreate once it is deleted.
(the log states that policy can not authenticate-assumption is that the old
tree name is imbedded or hard coded in object or something else and that is
why it can't authenticate). It was suggested to delete all zen objects
(policies and wrkst objects) from the tree and install zfd 7. Does that
seem the right course of action?

Should I install the native zfd 7 or should I use the 7.1 ir 2 release?

I need to get this fixed soon, yesterday would have been better. : )

I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.