I'm not sure where to post this question so if this is not the correct
forum perhaps someone could to point me to the correct place.

OK - my problem. Running ZCM on Windows 2003 Server. I've setup a
User Source in the Configuration section of the Zenworks Control Centre
(ZCC) and pointed it to one of our DC's to hook into our Active Directory.
All good so far. I then select Users in ZCC and drill down to an area in
our Active Directory that has users. Now to the issue. I can select some
users and the "Details" screen will be displayed with useful information
like "Full Name", "GUID", "Description" etc. However, with the majority of
accounts if I select a user I get the message "Attempt to forward user to
object details page failed.: Unable to determine the object's parent UID".

I've noticed one difference between an account I can select and one that I
cannot select without an error. An account that fails has the character ""
at the end of the username and this seems to replace the last letter of
the account name. For example, if the username was "John Smith", the
account will be called "SmithJ" but what is displayed in ZCC is "Smith".

Anyone got any idea what I might be doing wrong. I've looked all through
the configuration of User Sources but can't find anything more that needs

Many thanks