Users from one OU cannot login via our (backup) Netstorage-server. Our
tree is a bit like this


We have several Studentcontainers (each for every birthmonth) but for
this example I will use "Students"

Users in these containers have no troubles logging in:

* org.deltion
* students.users.edu.deltion
* teachers.users.edu.deltion

Users in users.org.deltion cannot login via netstorage. I have added all
necessary contexts to the primary NS-domain.

LDAP-queries return the right useraccount, NMAS does not complain (no
errors). When supplying the wrong password several times, the account
even gets locked out (so it tries to authenticate and behaves like it

This strange behaviour bugs me. It's not a mojor issue but I want to
resolve this one.

FYI : NW6.5 SP5, eDir, NS-server does not contain a replica (our
other NS-servers do not have any probs running without a replica)

Any ideas ??