Trying to setup NAL reporting for applications, ZDM7 SP1.

Database is set, policy is set, rights given to public, application set
to report to database. When running application, NAL debug shows that it
finds the policy and database, but:
NWAppDatabase::NWAppDatabase, driver = DBODBC7.DLL, dsn = NAL Reporting
NWAppDatabase::SetDSN, SetDSN: connection_string =
CommLinks=TCPIP{Host=};AutoStop=Ye s;Integrated=No;DB
NWAppDatabase::Connect, SQLDriverConnect failed: [Sybase][ODBC
Driver]Invalid connection string attribute
NWAPPLogToDatabase, dbLog->Connect failed
NWAPPLogToDatabase, Log to database failed: -1
NWAPPLogToDatabase, Returning -1

What is wrong, and where?

From ConsoleOne I can run the Reporting ok, it just gives blank sheets
with the headers as there is no data.