I have a paculiar problem on 1 machine only it seems, or at least it is
the only one that seems to produce this. All remote machines logon the
same way

They turn on my computer, log in as usual on the Netware window as
user/password. So far, so good. They also log into the server
(xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx). where the xxx are numbers for the ip, and that works

Recently, however, every so often (and probably on a regular pattern) This
machine gets the Netware window opening again. If you hit cancel, it pops
up immediately again. repeat 3 more times and it goes away. If the user
does not hit cancel, and instead put in the password, it says "cannot log
into network". However, the user is already on......

There are 3 Novell servers in the tree. 1 is the 6.5 version of OES and
the other 2 are the Suse Linux versions of OES. the 6.5 will be retired
shortly but for the moment it needs to remain. The other 2 have been only
in the tree for a couple of months.

This is just a windows xp station with the latest client and patches

Any way to stop this annoying new habit?