Dear All,

I'm hoping that you can help me debug a problem I have with an Install.IPS
file that sometimes causes SetVar variables to go AWOL. The availablility
of the previously defined variable seems to depend on whether or not an
Include file is called.

The basic structure of my 1,500 line Install.IPS file is:
;---- initial comments and setup commands ---- including: ----
SetVar NextFilePrefix, "Config_1_"
SetVar Do_TID_5003441, 0
;---- various post SP6 patches with many @FileSet - @EndFileSet pairs----
;---- Some look like the following:
; TID 5003441
Description: "Security Services 2.0.4"
Name: ss204_NW.tgz
Bytes: 7437862
DiskBytes: 7565312
Help: "TID 5003441\n
Security Services 2.0.4 patch contains updates for PKI, NICI,
and NTLS. This patch contains bug fixes, security
fixes, enhancements for the above products. Please see the
for more detailed information on what is resolved in this
SetVar Do_TID_5003441, 1

; Kludge to workaround the problem of not being able to
; nest @Include / @EndInclude with a FileSet
; This works as expected.

GotoIfNEqual %{Do_TID_5003441}, 1, Skip_SS204_Update
File: 'SEC_Upd.ips'
Label Skip_SS204_Update

; later in the script file i refer to %{NextFilePrefix} in a CopyFile
;---- etc ----------------------------

When I run the script using NWCONFIG on my server (NetWare 6.5 SP6 & ICMD
v4.10) and I don't select Security Services 2.0.4 update, the
%{NextFilePrefix} variable is avalaible later in the script and works as
However, when I do select to install SS204, it installs as expected but then
the %{NextFilePrefix} has disappeared. NWCONFIG states 'Unknown variable
"NextFilePrefix". (nwconfig-6-232) '

The variable "NextFilePrefix" does not exist in SEC_Upd.ips.

Using the SetVar command to re-establish the variable is not an option as I
need to be able to carry the value from near the start of the script file to
near the end of it.

Any help with this would be very much appreciated.