I just installed BACKUPEXEC for netware 9.2 and ever since, my OES Netware
6.5 (out of the box, no patch has been add), has been locking up. When i
get to work, the monitor is blank, and i'm UNABLE to access the server
remotely, i try to ping the server, but it doesn't respond. Once I restart
the server (by holding down the power switch) and turn it back on,
everything is okay (I think backupExec is causing the problem) I'm not a 100
percent sure what's causing the problem - and i'm hopping installing the
patch will fixed my problem.

I have a few questions before I start with doing a upgrade:

1. are there any patch(s) before SP7 that i would need to apply before I
installing SP7?
2. is there anything I should be cautious before and during and or after
the upgrading to SP7?