Hi all,
We've got ifolder 3.5x running on a SLES 10.1 server authenticating to
edirectory. We're seeing scattered instances where duplicate cn's are
being created and causing problems. The duplicates that get created
are temp student accounts that come and go each term.
I've currently got ifolder searching from the top of the tree o=xx.
I'm going through now and pulling out just the contexts that I want
ifolder to search, and will take out the current config and add these
in. The issue I'm seeing, though, is in a few instances, I want users
in a container, but not in a subcontainer of the same ou. I want
users in the container ou=AHall,ou=gsc,o=jc but not the student users
in ou=altschool,ou=AHall,ou=gsc,o=jc. Is there a specfic way to
exclude containers from the ldap search?