If I set up to push down an application installation such as Adobe 801
and also to push down the standard settings of Adobe 801 after this
installation, I set Adobe 801 installation application as an application
dependency, which means that I associate the users to Adobe 801 setting
application that triggers Adobe 801 installations application first
before the setting application. My question is which application I shall
set the availability (the installation application->dependency one or
the setting application?). The reason I want to set the availability is
because some workstations probably already have adobe 801 installed and
I dont want it to be reinstalled. Therefore, if I set the availability
at the dependency application (which is the installation application)
like version has to be smaller than 801, then the dependency application
won't run but the setting one will still run and generate the error
because the setting one is dependent on the installation one. But I
wonder if I set the the availability like the version to be smaller than
801 on the setting application instead of the installation
application, the setting one may not run after the dependency one
finishes because the dependency one will change the version to be 801
which is definitely not smaller than 801. Can someone give me advice how
it works? I am confused.

Thank you very much!