Why did Novell choose to dump OpenExchange and Hula?
At first the logic sounds reasonable, they already
have a mail package called GroupWise that is enterprise
class blah blah,slices, dices, who could ask for anything
more? Toyota. But with further analysis I think this
has been a particularly dumb move. If Novell truly believes
in the open source model then why not back these products,
indeed fund them to the Nth level?
Groupwise might be great but if they want to have an open source
contender that might result in a whole new product that they
could sell via a model like Zimbra or Scalix then why not? We all know
that Groupwise will never be open source and that really is
going to limit its adoption and development going forward.
To make matters worse the better open source projects are
getting snapped up by competing companies. If Ox actually becomes
something someday and RedHat or Ubuntu buys them, wouldn't that
be ironic.