I've been playing around with OES2, running thru installs etc. The first
time I went thru the install, under the software summary>>OES2 services,
'Novell Domain services for windows' appeared as an option. I chose to not
install that service on this go-round. Long story short, updates munged up
the install ( single disk EMVS setup per the documentation, etc ). I
sanitized the hard drive for a second go ( booted with install media,
switched to a text terminal, 'fdisk /dev/hda', deleted all partitions,
wrote the changes to the partition table then powercycled the box ).

Now the problem with my second install attempt. 'Novell Domain services
for Windows', which I'd like to play with a bit, is no longer listed under
'OES2 services' in the software summary.

has anybody experienced this -or- have any suggestions?