Recently setup a Windows 2003 server/Terminal Server for our
accounting software. Everything else here is NetWare and users are
created in eDirectory. I don't want to use AD.

Users access the server for our accounting program only. The Terminal
Server does not have the Novell Client installed - it does not need to
access any NetWare servers. I have it setup so they never see the
Terminal Server desktop. When they connect to the TS, the accounting
app opens. When they exit the accounting app, their connection to the
Terminal Server is dropped.

I now need to create and manage the user accounts on the Terminal
Server. We only have 80 employees, so I don't want a real complicated
solution....or it will just be easier to handle it all manually. My
goal was to have the User Account on the Windows 2003 box match their
eDirectory account. If they changed their eDirectory password, then
their Windows 2003 User Account would be changed also. I just want to
keep the two in sync. Users will be accessing the box via the
Terminal Services Client, not a web browser.

I currently use Zen4, but have purchased Zen7. How would this be

Ken does a server good!