I'm going to install SP7 Friday night it fixes a problem we have with
our Cisco WAAS. What I'm looking for is information on shutting services
down before i install. I know to exit Groupwise, Faxware, Gwava, Backup
Exec and Symantec antivirus and all apps in general. However do I need
to stop Apache and Tomcat and the logger screen? If so what are the
commands to shut them down?

I see that I need to do an NSS /NoTransaction=ALL

I think I will do a derepair (ALL) and comment out the anti virus and
do a restart just for good measure.

is there anything else that anyone recommends?

I have a single Netware 6.5 SP4a server.

Also I'm going to install iFolder so I will download the SP7 image and
burn a CD. How do I go about installing iFolder after I load SP7? Do I
put the CD in the server and install iFolder from a workstation or do I
mount it and run nwconfig. If I run it on the server with just a sys
volume what would be the path to the CD?