Hey, new to the VPN thing ..

OK, we have a server to server VPN setup (between 2 sites).
Novell techs helped me setup the VPN (6 months ago) as a
Master to Master config. (site to site).
As they stated, it was best to have it setup as a Master to Master
config, so there would be less time in the creation of the link setup.
Both sides have a master and a slave configuration for this setup.
Question is, is that our connection (ike) seems to keep timing out,
and so the link dies. We do know that it is not the Internet link that
is dropping, but seems to be the VPN that is.
If I get into imanager and look at the vpn-monitor screen, the Master and
the slave configurations both say "being Configured"
I guess my question is ... is this normal for our type of configuration ??
Is it because we have a master to master site ??

Do you have a suggestion on fixing our vpn drop issue ??
we have up'd the 5sec IKE Retransmit Timeout to 30secs, but am not sure
that it will fix our issue.


Paul J.
The Granite Club