I'm using GW 7.0.2 HP and GMS 2.0.2. I have one user whose account has been causing me nothing but grief. If I look at the SOAP thread usage (through the POA web admin), his account is utilizing all threads (currently set at 5 for my 12 mobile users). The elapsed time counters are increasing but the request counts aren't. Earlier this morning, most threads were over 6000 seconds and GWPOA was consuming a large amount of memory (and increasing). At the point I rebooted, it was using 1.2gb and is typically in the 120mb range.

In an attempt to get things working for the other 99.9999% of my users that don't use GMS, I rebooted the GMS server (the threads didn't release). I finally rebooted the GW server and deleted the user and his device from the GMS server.

Lo an behold, 90 minutes after doing that, all my SOAP threads are back servicing his account! In addition, GWPOA is at 600mb and climbing. Is there a SOAP queue somewhere I need to clean out? If I look at the GMS server, the user and his device are still gone. Where are the thread requests coming from and how do I stop them???

Thanks for the assistance!!!