Dell latitude D830 laptops are coming with the HD partitioned with two partitions. The first is the Dell utility partition about 8Gb in size. The second is the windows partition. When we are imaging these the image is getting automatically dumped on the second partition which causes windows not to boot after imaging. So my first question is how do I make zenworks always ignore any existing partitions on the HD and create one partition like on our images? If that's not possible than I should able to boot using the zenworks boot cd and run fidisk

Typing fdisk -l shows two partitions listed: sda1 and sda2 with sda2 marked as the boot partition

Then I should type fdisk /dev/sda1 right?

When I type "d" to delete a partition I receive No partition is defined yet.

I really hope I don't have to go hunt down an old dos boot cd to run fdisk so what am I doing wrong here?