so far, I'm not finding OES2 too impressive to install. Already broke
the eDirectory install on a Windows box because the installer couldn't
find the eDir tree all of a sudden, then the install on my Linux box
went all wonky.

BUT I've managed to get some of it back under control. Proof Linux
Install programs still have a *long* way to come to match up with
Installshield and their ilk.

However, complaints aside, I've gotten eDirectory upgraded and running
on my linux box after a lot of yelling and heavy sailor language thrown
its way. All I'm fighting now is the NRM stuff (https://<my IP>:8009/
yields a white/blank page), and NSS is only half-installed.

When I say half installed, I mean the novell-nss service is running,
kernel modules are loaded, /_admin and my NSS pool are all mounted and
have files in them that can be seen via 'ls' and if I login via
NetStorage, the drive letter mappings all work right.

However, I cannot see them in eDirectory. nssAdminInstall Can't create
the nssAdmin* object, returning the following error:

server:/root # nssAdminInstall -a 'admin.novell' -P -o 'nssAdmin-blah'
Error fffffd86 installing nssAdmin.

Running nssmu and trying to populate the eDirectory pool/volume objects
spits back a -676 error, which as far as Google will tell me, implies a
failed connection to the Tree and even the local NDS Database.

I have LUM installed, and I have the workstation object configured,
however, I'm running Identity Manager and need explicitly to auth users
against the local passwd/shadow files (long story), so I don't want to
enable Linux User Management.

Considering I've had to rip out almost by hand a bunch of packages and
then use Yast to reinstall them, is it possible I'm missing a package
still? Anyone gotten around a -676 or even a -634 error regarding
finding the eDirectory tree?

SLP is also enabled (OpenSLP/rcslpd), and I've used slpinfo to find
services on my network for this particular tree, so I know that all is
running. I think if I can get my pool and volume objects re-created,
I'll get this server back into the shape it was in when it was
OES1/SuSE9. Which, admittedly, was actually *stable*. Abended my
NW65SP7 box 5 times tonight just by launching dsrepair (bug in
dsrepair.nlm and ds.nlm it looks). And the Linux install didn't
comfort me any either. I am loathe to even touch my other Windows
server right now, fearful that edir install will fail the upgrade too
because of a braindead java installer that can't even get its Window
z-ordering done right.

Ah well, that's gremlins for you.

Cheers if anyone has tips or advice or pointers to RTFM (that's Read
The 'Friendly' Manual, tee hee). And if anyone knows anything about
the NRM bit too, that'd help, though I may hunt the forums later for a
solution to that one.