I have a number of qualms with the asset manager in Zenwork version X

- I'm not sure what the purchase summary records accomplish: For licenses to be recognised for compliance usage the licensed product needs to be linked to a catalogue product which has real purchase records linked to it. Otherwise no licenses are counted. The purchase summary records seem to only 'add' more licenses if you already have some...but you cant use it as the sole source of licenses.

- You can't enter in negative purchases (eg returns). It does allow them to be imported though - just not manually entered.

- When you import extra purchase details of a product, it doesn't seem to increment the total amount of that product in the catalogue - only the original amount is stated.

- when importing purchase records (tab delimitted etc) - it often doesn't read the first line.

- Auto-reconciling discovered products to licenses doesn't work when selecting 'any' products. In general it doesn't auto reconcile to catalogue products - only discovered products.

-You can't add two products to one license, nor two different licenses to one product.

- Often, for no apparent reason, the compliance of a product is split into two versions, not without totalling them, or an option to link them.

- If there are no discovered products linked to a licensed product, it won't show on the general licensed product screen the amount of licenses owned.

Does anyone else have these problems?
Any suggestions?