So I'm toying around with the newer version of the 'rug' tool, which is
totally alien to me now, and found it wanted to install some updates (I
think). Problem is, the dependencies want to drag in the Gnome

Now flamewars aside, I'm a KDE fan, and therefore, opted to make KDE
the default desktop interface on this server. I do not want the gnome
desktop to be installed at all. I don't mind the gnome libs, as some
programs need them, but I do not want metacity, nautilus,
gnome-desktop, and other such packages installed on this box. One DE
is enough for a server (come on, this isn't a *Windows* box here....).
Earlier, I had to gut the gnome packages that slipped under my radar
because I wasn't paying attention, so it's possible I just missed one.

The packages rug wants to update are novell-filesystem, oes-SPident,
yast2-novell-quickfinder, and yast2-oes-ldap. I suspect it's the last
package wanting to haul gnome in, so is there a way to block this in
some form or fashion? Or is OES2 hardwired for Gnome by default?