We're running Backup Exec 9.2 on Netware 6.5 SP6 servers. Backups are
slow from the remote server, but I'm actually a little surprised it's
working at all. I just noticed that the media server has port 10000
loaded on the private gigabit nic, but the remote server has 10000 on
the public 100Mb nic.

Short question: how do I get 10000 to load on the remote server's
private nic?

More info: I have the ndmpsvrs.dat file configured on each server. Some
of the documentation I've seen does not work. When I configure according
to this:
the remote server does not show up in the Backup Source list. I thought
I had gotten it right since the remote server shows up and is backed up
now, but clearly it isn't.

Thanks for any advice.