Hey there folks...

Working with a client that has a distributed network ( 6 servers around
a city, all wan linked ) and I have been using the login script variable
%NETWORK_ADDRESS to know where they are, since anyone could be logging
in from any location.

The system is setup so that each location has its own 10.10.X.X internal

So using a conditional such as:


This allows us to point a user at files on a server local to their
location for fast access instead of the default set of files across the wan.

The local server provides the routing as it has both a public nic and a
private nic.

What happens is that sometimes %NETWORK_ADDRESS reports the PUBLIC NIC's
address?! When this happens the login script defaults them to a server
on the other side of the WAN, resulting is VERY slow access to files.

Now the part that is really weird is this. When the failure occurs, the
user simply has to right-click on the "N" in the task bar, select login,
and simply click OK without providing a password, the login script runs
again and performs as designed.

I cannot fathom what might be happening. Might anyone have some clues
for me?

Thanks in advance,

- Bill