Hello everybody.

After playing a bit with ZCM installed on a Windows 2003 R2/Active
Directory server I wanted to give SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10+SP1 a

Installation of ZCM under the latter went very well but I found myself in
trouble when trying to add the underlying OpenLDAP server (which also
holds info for DHCP, DNS, User Account and SAMBA information) as a User

I configured the SLES10+SP1 provided OpenLDAP server as a V3 server (as
suggested in the install docs) in plain text (ie, post 389).

Everything works well at the OS level but as soon as I try to add a User
Source I have an internal Java error message and a suggestion to check for
Tomcat log files.

I had a look at the catalina.out file but nothing seems reported there.

The error message does not mention anything in particular (no error codes,
no explanation).

Since the Installation Guide talks about LDAP v3 server which can be used
for the User Source but it also mentions Active Directory and eDirectory,
I'd like to know if OpenLDAP is actually supported as a User Source.