I setup a copy of XP Pro in a VPC session for testing and then
installed Office 2007. I then watched the personal drive folder on the
host system while using the using Office in the virtual system. I
found that files disappear from the F ( personal folder map ) when
exiting Outlook 2007. If I look in the salvage I see the files with my
account listed as the one that deleted the files.

I've looked at my Outlook 2007 settings and everything points
to drives other then F. I've tried it with cache/oplock off and on and
neither option affects the results.

My client is and my server is 6.5 SP6+. This
did not happen with Outlook 2003. This was a clean install, so it
shouldn't have been affected by any odd pieces of code left over from
a previous install.

I think my next step is to call Microsoft, but I wonder what
kind of response I'll get when I tell them the folder is on a netware

Anyone else seen anything like this before ? It can't be common or I'd
be reading about tihs everywhere.