The thread topic probably understates the problem, but this is driving
me nuts here. I don't know if it's 6.5 SP7 or the eDirectory 8.8 SP2
doing it, but *something* is really wrong on this box. I think I'm
gonna have to downgrade back to SP6, because this is just not
supportable. Thankfully I got iLO remote management, or I'd be driving
30 miles back to the office to yell at a netware box.

I've also noticed that while rebooting the server, it sometimes hangs
during the NLM loading stages. Usually, the boot logo is up, so I
can't see where, but I've noticed the machine hardlocks and the little
"N" in the bottom-left corner stops fading in and out, plus key input
doesn't respond. I have to hard-reset the box when that happens (NSS
is quite robust, let me tell you...). The one time I did catch it on
the console screen was when it loaded up BSPXCOM.NLM. It's a game of
Russian Roulette at that point, and lately, it seems as if there's five
bullets in the chamber versus one.

So attached below are a series of text files highlighting the ABENDS
I'm getting on this server. some are random -- happen for no reson and
I only find out when I try to log into the stupid thing. Others are
triggerable: running dsrepair, logging into the console via ssh, or
just sticking your tongue out at the server seems to cause it all.

I think I might try backing eDirectory down to 8.8 SP2 first. I think
that's what has been the source of my ills.

Anyways, if anyone has clues on what in the ABENDS is causing issues,
or maybe even the hang on boot, I'm ears. Maybe any NetWare developers
hanging around have ideas or things to try? This box isn't in
production yet, but it will be before the end of December, so I either
need to hammer out the bugs, or dump SP7 and go screaming back to SP6.
Not that it'd hurt to run SP6 for a few years -- our current file
server is 5.0 SP6a. Now that's what'll scare small children.



FYI, the files are named abend-200710XXy.txt, where 'XX' is the day of
the ABEND, and 'y' is a letter indicating what number in order the
abend happened in. 'a' indicates the latest abend for that day, while
'z' would indicate the earliest abend for that day.

FYI2, Also, the abends appear to be corrupted a little bit -- perhaps I
need to create a blank abend.log file, or the server just couldn't dump
the memory in time? Overall, it's very, very readable.

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