We have a NetWare 6.0 SP5 server that we are unable to expand the NSS Pool on. One of our IT managers added a drive last year, did a Reconstruct on the RAID, then tried adding the space through Remot eManager. I'm not sure what went wrong or what instructions he was following as we've always added the space through ConsoleOne.

Yesterday we added yet another drive to try this again (just a stab in despiration) to see if it would make last year's drive available (or even just ignore it and use the new one). I did the reconstruct last night, Scanned for New Devices this morning and there is over 140 GB of unpartitioned space. When I go to the Pools screen and choose to Increase the Data pool, it lets me get to the point where I have the space allocated and I click Finish and I get the Hotfix space warning. It doesn't matter how much space I have told it to use, I then get the following error:

"The operation was not completed.Error code: {0}526"

Any idea what this means? The IT manager that originally caused the issue worked with Dell who then worked with Novell and no resolution was found. Aside from a rebuild of the server that wipes everything and starts fresh, what can we do to add additional space to this server?