I'll start here...

I have two DELL PE1950 servers. Exactly the same except; one is a single
processor box and the other a dual. (Core 2 duo). I have NW 6.5 sp5 loaded
on each box. The single processor box shows that I have a CD/DVD drive and
it's bound (list devices, display storage adapters). The dual processor box
does not detect the CD/DVD drive at all. When I put a CD in the drive I
can't mount the drive or view the contents. The IDEATA/IDECD modules are
loaded. I even have the latest modules and tried them but the drive is not
detected. I also have a pair of PE2950's with the same issue. I've spent a
couple of hours researching and "playing" with the machines but I just can
not get NW to see the CD/DVD drive.

NW doesn't see the drive yet it's the same drive that I used to install NW
in the first place.

Can anyone offer some direction? Many thanks.