I'm little confused with all the information " how to update the

At the moment I have a Netware 5.1 SP8 server running Bordermanager 3.5.
The proxy is also the master.
So I would like to update to Bordermanager 3.9 with a new server.

way 1?
On the one hand it is possible update Bordermanager 3.5 to 3.7 and then to
Further I would install a new hardware server with netware 6.5 SP6.
Then I would migrate with the Migration Wizard the Bordermanager 3.8 to
the new server. After this step I would update the Bordermanager to 3.9.
This way was an advice of somebody of the Novell Support Team.
I'have got the book "A beginners guide to Bordermanager 3.x" and this
method is exlpained, too.

But now I have doubts if i take these steps.

Some other people say that it is better to install a completely new server
adopt the access rules.

But whitch method should I prefer now ?

Thanks for any solution