appoligies if this has been covered elsewhere/before. Just been
working on installing some oes2 boxes, and taking the oppertunity to
rebuild a sick oes1 box from scratch. Decided to go with evms and ran
into some issues.

First tried to create the evms volumes with evmsgui, mounted the
volumes, and somehow it forgets to create the mount points in fstab.
When i get it going again, back into evmsgui, and what do i find but
no evms volumes, and it refuses to do anything with the drives i've
created the evms volumes on.

Next step, i get out of X and use the yast console partitioner. No
problems with the volume creation, except it stuffs up with the mount
points in fstab. After a little bit of editing of the file I'm finally
in business.

For reference, the fstab i was given had mount lines like this in it

/dev/evms/lvm2/system/vol-vol /backup-vol ext3 acl,user_xattr
1 2

When i should have got

/dev/system/vol-vol /backup-vol ext3 acl,user_xattr 1 2

I've built 3 oes2-linux boxes now; 2 in production and 1 test machine.
all the issues i've had to date have been evms related. I had evmsgui
delete all the partitions on one box i was building at one point.

if these are know issues, particualy if it relates to me stuffing up
some where i'd be keen to know