i try to install Novell KDC and run into trouble when starting the services.

When starting one of krb5kdc, kadmindd or kpasswd i get the following error:

Unable to load requested database module 'kldap': plugin symbol
'kdb_function_table' not found while initializing, aborting

I can administrate the realm via iManager.

Attached is my krb5.conf.

The article Single Sign-On to eDirectory 8.8.2 using the SASL GSSAPI Mechanism points to Novell Kerberos KDC 1.5 Administration Guide but i only found Novell Kerberos KDC 1.0. Can someone please post the url for Novell Kerberos KDC 1.5 Administration Guide.

SLES10 SP1 with OES2 and all patches (2007-10-11)

installed packages:
* novell-kerberos-base
* novell-kerberos-server-base
* novell-kerberos-utilities
* novell-kerberos-ldap-extensions
* novell-kerberos-authentication
* novell-kerberos-password-agent
* novell-kerberos-admin-server
* novell-kerberos-kdc
* novell-kerberos-password-server
* krb5
* krb5-32
* krb5-client