I'm assisting a colleague that received the following:

> We have a Windows SQL server here that runs the Netware client
> software, 4.91 SP4, since we're not currently running a Windows domain (a

> issue I won't go into here)
>I am attempting to login to Novell first, however, I should clarify that I
>never got so much as a prompt. This error appears when I hit ctrl/alt/delete
>to bring up the prompt, and hitting "OK" simply returns me to the Novell
>splash screen (and, obviously, subsequent attempts to pull up a log-in box
>produce the same error).
> "You have encountered an unexpected login failure! 0x6F844"
> Clicking "OK" simply returns me to a login prompt, and additional
> login attempts produce the same error. I did a cold reboot of the
> server, with no luck.

Anyone have a possible reason and solution? Thanks.