I have a new SLES10 sp1 server running as a XEN host. I have a brand new SLED10 sp1 guest that I want to load ZCM on. I took all the defaults on the guest install.

Before I ran the ZCM install, I went to the /mono directory on the DVD and ran the mono-basic install. When I ran the install script (setup.sh -e) I get to the prerequisite screen and it says the mono prerequisite is not met and will not let me past that screen.

I manually installed the mono-extras file, but it did not get me past the pre-requisites screen.

Yast shows that mono.basic 1.2.4 is installed and mono-core 1.2.2 is installed. (I am assuming this is the default install with SLES sp1) When I try to run the mono-core install (1.2.4) from the DVD, it says it is already installed. If I try to un-install mono-core (1.2.2), I get a dozen dependency errors that I am leery about deleting.

Is the prerequisite screen holding me up because I have the wrong version? Or do I need to install something else?