well,, in all probability,, the step from NW to LinuxOES will have to
happen sometime...even though Im not a linux guy,,,

So,, basic question,
Is there any recommended Backupsolution for Linux that you people
could share your thoughts with ??

Using NW for a long time,, running BE and on occasion, Portlock, we
felt confident to have a disaster recovery plan.
Even with MS we've had a gr8 solution with Ultrabac.

Question is; OES/Linux... are there any "disaster recovery" capable
backup solutions ?
Ultrabac for Windows is gr8 in it's possibilty to do a complete
imagebackup of a Windows server and restoring it to anything.
But,, what can be done on the Linux platform ?
Sure,, running virtualservers for NW,etc under Xen looks gr8, but,,
the server running Xen,, is there any smart backupsolution for that ??