There is perhaps a job at stake on this one....

I'm "Bob" -- a temp fillin for a person who is out for sick leave.

While installing a new Backup Exec 11d for Windows system to back up 13
Netware servers and 18 Windows server, I found out that the old system (BE
9.x running on a Netware box) didn't produce good backups. I went to
catalog the old tapes, and about half of them wouldn't catalog. Dell helped
me confirm that the vault's drives were good, and Symantec confirmed that my
install was correct and tried to help me catalog the "bad" tapes.

Unfortunately, the old BE Netware server now has the BE client on it, and
restarting the old server would entail reinstalling the 9.x software. I did
keep the old directory tho.

Questions --

1. The BE-Netware logs -- The only log I could find stopped in April 2007.
Are there more error logs somewhere?

2. Catalog -- where did the catalog files live? I can't find anything that
was updated to the time that I pulled the plug on that server.

I'm trying to figure out if the admin should've known there were problems
based on error logs, or if the error logs didn't give them any clues, etc.