SP7 is just full of surprises. Dunno if this issue is related to SP7
specifically or not, but maybe someone here has an idea. I'm familiar
with debugging hardware problems in Windows and Linux, but Netware
hardware debugging is new to me. Running BackupExec 9.2 for Netware
(Symantec *really* needs to update this), and I get this from the admin
console now:

Error on HA:1 ID:5 LUN:0 HP ULTRIUM232 DRV.
A hardware error has been detected during this operation. This
media should not be used for any additional backup operations.
Data written to this media prior to the error may still be
Possible corrective actions for this error are:
1.) Use a different media
2.) Check the SCSI cabling.
Vendor: HP
Product: ULTRIUM232 DRV
Firmware: P54W
Function: Write(5)
Error: A hardware failure has occurred on drive HA:1 ID:5
LUN:0 HP ULTRIUM232 DRV. Please consult the job log for
Sense Data:
70 00 04 00 - 00 00 01 10 - 00 00 00 00 - be 08 00 00
50 02 00 00 - 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 00 00

Am I looking at a bunk driver that shipped with SP7? The server is an
HP DL385 with an add-in LSI 53C1030 SCSI card that the tape drive
attaches too. The tape drive is an HP Ultrium 232 1/8 Autoloader, and
attached by a rather thick cable. I've checked the cable, and the
connection looks solid, though with me pulling the rack out and back in
several times, I would hope that the stiffness of the cable didn't
damaged the card connector. But I doubt this, as the drive was able to
inventory the tapes just fine. Only on a backup or erase operation
does it spaz out.