I have installed zfd 7.1 IR 2 on nw6.5sp5 box with eDir 8.81. I have
completed the following steps.

1. Create a policy container at same level as test user container.
2. Create seach policy (in that container) to search in the select container
(which is the container user is in) and to search down two levels.
3. Created a impt policy that is associated with user container and
zenwsimpt server.
4. Containers selected where rights are needed to create wrksts are the
actual contianer where I want wrksts created and also the users container.
5. Allow importing workstations is allowed and set for selected container.
Naming convention established.
6. There is no user info as part of process, so left user logins as 1.

Every work station that is attempting to be imported shows up on the zenimpt
screen as No import policy found. Yet, the policy is there. Suggestions?