NSS on Netware has a File-Level Snapshot attribute that has NSS make a copy
of a file when it's opened. When a backup job runs the backup software will
use this snapshot file, allowing the software to backup a file that would
otherwise be locked. The Novell documentation says some third-party apps
can use this NSS feature however it doesn't list the products. I did some
searching and I can't find if Backup Exec 9.1 for Netware supports this. I
posted this to the Symantec BE for NW forum but so far no one has responded
(though that forum seems to have light traffic). In searching for this I
found one other user posted the same question a few years ago but never got
a response. Does anyone know now? And if BE does support it is it included
with the base software package or is it an optional pay extra feature? I'm
running Netware 6.5 SP6 on my servers.