This morning I updated agents from Messenger 2.01 to 2.02 HP1 on a Novell OES Linux server (built. of course, on SLES 9). The upgrade went just fine and I restarted the agents with "rcnovell-nmma restart" and "rcnovell-nmaa restart". Within about 1 hour, everyone lost connection. I checked status and the agent was not running. I started again and it ran about 45 minutes, then died again. I restarted and it ran a little over 2 hours and died.
This time I got (for the first time) a warning that the previous instance was not shut down cleanly when I restarted it. Running again now for about 1 hour.

We are using direct authentication and our default policy does NOT allow connection to the Messenger service. All users must be added to one of a number of other policies (and an associated scope) in order to have rights to connect or even show up in a user search. This is because management wants to closely control who has access to the product.

I have searched the knowledge base, but can find very little related to Linux version of the agents. Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated!