We are running a mix environment with 90% Novell and 10% Microsoft. We
configured restricted group policy in Active Directory to give all the
users the local admin right to their own computers. We have DNS server
on Novell at a primary DNS server and also another DNS server at Windows
2003 server. We configured to forward to Novell DNS server at the
Windows DNS server. For some reason, some computers keep losing
connection to DNS server, which I verified by looking at the event
viewer on the computers that lost the DNS connection. Here is what it says:
The security system could not establish a secured connection with the
server DNS/hq1.xxx.com. No authentication protocol was available.

HQ1 is our primary DNS NetWare server.

I looked at the configuration page of our Windows DNS server. I wonder
if the settings at the properties of DNS server->Forwarders are correct
or not. At DNS domain, the entries are "all other DNS domains". Is that
correct? Shall I input the name of our actual domain name? At "selected
domain's forwarder IP address list, the entry is the ip address of HQ1
which is our primary DNS novell server.

I would appreciate it very much if someone could give me some advice on
this. Also what is the correct configuration between primary DNS server
and Windows DNS server? Please advise!

Thanks a lot!