I have just recently installed ZCM on a Windows 2003 SP1 server. I am
trying to get the Patch Managment portion to work. ZPM has verified my
trial license, but it is not downloading vulnerabilities or patches.
The only error I can seem to find is in a file called log.txt in the
ZPM folder on the server. It contains this entry:

"Getting PatchIndex:http://cdn.patchlink.com/novell/pulsar.xml.
PLApp run Error: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The element type "img"
must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</img>".
Completed Silent autostart run."

I have tried the steps in TID 3865256 and everything seem to be
configured fine. There are no errors in the Windows event viewer.
rdy.txt and pkglist.txt log files exist but are empty. I can't ping
the novell.patchlink.com server because our firewall prevents ICMP
messages, but I can telnet to novell.patchlink.com on ports 80 and 443.
Has anyone seen problems like this?