Posted this under Access Rule and received no reply. Looks like others
are having the same problem.

I've installed a new BM server running on NW65sp6. I installed
iManager2.6 which came on the CD. I since added both sp2 on purpose and
looks like sp4 by accidently. My "about iManager" includes
iMan26_4_20070926. I've updated all my snapins.

The error message is;

The system encountered an unknown error. Please contact Novell Support.

java.lang.ClassCastExceptionrn at getValue(
at I have also posted this in the iManager forum and have gotten no
response as of yet.

Update on Error.

The error happens when you pick the OU. There is no error when you choose
the server. I was under the impression with latest versions of BM you were
suppose to use the NBMRule container not the server object. Is this right?

Thanks again,