I have a problem with accessing and external website which can be
accessed, but very slow - approx 1 minute....so it does resolve. If I
unload the filters the page is accessed without a problem. Internally it
works fine. I have a NAT translation from public to private.

What I found was, there is no secondary ipaddresses (problem?)if I do a
display at the console, it displays entries for the public and private

In inetcfg secondary ip address support is disabled, if I enable it and
enter a public ip address it displays a message "Primary and Secondary
ipaddresses must be on the same network"....IP addresses ARE on the same
network and yet I can access webmail/netstorage/rdp etc remotely. ARP
table is empty.

I've bounced BM box - 3.8 SP4

What gives??? :(

Thanks in anticipation