Though we're a small business (35 users), the owner (I should say
controlling interest partner) of the company I work forhas kept us pretty
cutting edge. Because of the "product shift" vis a vis Novell Small Business
Server to Novell Open Workgroup Suite (Small Business version), and
accompanying price increase, I had to do a presentation at the partner's
meeting concerning where we are, and where we're going, with our systems.

The good news is that we're going to stick with Novell and migrate to Linux
as our primary system (including eDirectory and GroupWise, especially
iFolder, most of the other stuff that's along for the ride).We'll still (out
of necessity) be running Windows on the desktop, though we may actually
start trying to use Open Office.

That said, victory may it be, I'm so fed up with hearing non-technical
people say things like "If everyone else is going to Microsoft, there must
be a good reason", and "shouldn't we be modifying what we do to accommodate
the users" and all the other nonsense spouted out of ignorance. I wanted to
tell them (those that said that), that I sure wish my mother had known
theirs - I might have been able to miss a few thousand conversations about
kids jumping off roofs and what parents of other parents allow.

Wouldn't IT systems be so much easier without users? It might not pay as
well, but wouldn't it be easier?