I am not recommending that this forum be closed. Novell isn't
suggesting that this forum be closed. I made a statement one day that
I was beginning to think maybe it should be, since there's been so much
politics and Novell-bashing going on.

I consider Novell-bashing to be repeated harping on the same thing over
a long period of time by the same individuals. I consider reasonable
discussion to be links to articles about Novell, pro or con, or raising
of issues, pro or con, and then discussing them reasonably.

There is no desire to keep people from talking about Novell. I wouldn't
try to do that, and Novell wouldn't want me to.

There is absolutely a desire to curtail the digging at Novell or
whining about some issue over and over and over again over time. That
kind of negativity is uncomfortable in a place that I think we'd all
like to be mostly comfortable. : )

Novell Community Chat Moderator

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