We have a BM 3.7 server on our LAN that we use as a caching proxy for user
access to the Internet.

We also have a DMZ with a number of web servers in it that can be accessed via
public addresses on the Internet. They also have internal addresses that can be
accessed by our LAN users.

I want our LAN users to be able to type the external URL for these web servers
into their web browser and get to these servers via the internal address. To do
this I have duplicated these public zones on my internal DNS server, but pointed
them to the internal IP addresses. I have also configured BM to only look to our
internal DNS for its lookups.

During the implementation of this, I cleared the BM DNS and proxy cache. The
problem I'm having is that BM keeps trying to send the user to the external
address instead of the internal one.

What am I missing here?

How does BM even know about the external address now?

Terry Davis
Sr. Network Administrator