So if anyone wants the background on this particular story (as I'm sure
the watchful here have seen me posting like a madman all over these
forums the last few days), see the following URL:

Pretty much, if I tell my BackupExec server to back up the local file
system, it'll auto-abend the system when pre-scanning my DATA volume (I
have two volumes on this system, SYS and DATA, both are NSS). I
thought it strange at first that no entry was being written to the
ABEND.LOG file, so I hunted around, and found out how to modify the
'Developer Option' and 'Auto Restart After Abend' options to freeze the
server on an ABEND. This led to the following screen:

System Fault Screen

System halted Tuesday, October 16, 2007 11:58:47 pm EDT

Abend on P01: Page Fault Processor Exception (Error code 00000000)
OS version: Novell NetWare 5.70.07 September 18, 2007

...Debug symbols are enabled!
Running Process: Open File Manager Process
Stack: 80 39 A4 2F 7C 45 15 9B 6D DB D7 89 80 39 A4 2F
E4 B3 3F 31 80 39 A4 2F A8 39 A4 2F 90 45 15 9B
FE 23 0B 8A 80 39 A4 2F C0 B3 3F 31 7C 38 15 8A

Additional Information:
The CPU encountered a problem executing code in COMN.NSS. The problem may be
in that module or in data passed to that module by a process owned by

"S" to suspend the running process and update the ABEND.LOG file.
"Y" to copy diagnostic image to disk (COREDUMP).
"X" to update ABEND.LOG and then exit.

Snagged by SSH'ing into a iLO management console and bringing up the
remote console. I've sent the above to Symantec already, and am a bit
hesitant to keep triggering it (it's reproducible on command) unless I
know for sure I can extract additional information (like maybe writing
an ABEND.LOG to C:\NWSERVER or getting a small core dump).

I suspect because it's the NSS Common library (or whatever a .NSS file
is) having the problem, it knocks out both my SYS and DATA volumes,
thus NW can't update the SYS copy of ABEND.LOG. In either case, the
system reboots afterwards, probably because its volumes just up and
disappeared (I know Windows gets mighty cranky when this happens).

So if anyone knows what might be the cause of this, or if I can get it
to drop an ABEND.LOG to C:\ somehow, I'm ears. Or should I pass this
on to a Novell NetWare development team somehow? It looks fairly
nasty, and I'm not confident on Symantec doing much (it seems they
really don't want to update BackupExec on NW anymore).