Hi everybody!

I´ve a Netware 6.5 SP 7 Cluster with two Nodes.
I replaced my old Storage Array with a new MSA1000.
I want to add new Volumes on the Array. I used TID 10098813 for how to do
that, except step 1 (a want completely new volumes). In Step 2, I created
a SBD partition as explained in TID 10082213 with sbd install.
Now in step 4b (use NNSMU to activate the pools) there is a problem with
the creation of new pools.
If I create a new Pool on the Storage Array NSSMU claims that CVB has not
registered for pool events. Exact Message:
21710 CVB has not registered for pool events.
I don´t understand this error und how to solve it.

How can I create new Pools for new Volumes?

Thanks in advance!