Anytime a client tries to add/remove a contact or edit a preference they
experience the error writing to the directory.

This has been bothering us for a while and I've been troubleshooting it
a lot over the last day or so. Here is what I've done so far.

- Removed all traces of previous version (2.01) including eDirectory objects
- Installed fresh the latest version from scratch (2.02 HP) with the
simplest of settings (i.e. direct connection, no ssl, admin account for
access, etc)
- Ran DSREPAIR to check for errors

Anyone have any other ideas?

We run a mixed environment of Mac's and PC's so in the end I will need
to get SSL running as well, but at this point I can't even get it to run
error free in simple mode?

We are a small NW environment with only three servers. All are running
version 6 SP5. I have no other eDirectory related errors that I know of?

Aaren Jensen
tekmar Control Systems