Hi all,

Have just performed a test upgrade of NetWare 5.0 SP6a to NetWare 6.5
SP7 via NW5.1 (before doing the LIVE upgrade this weekend).

I have a few questions :

iManager : will there ever be a Licensing plugin for iManager 2.7 ?
Will there be a GroupWise plugin for iManager ? I tried to install
the Licensing one for 2.x, but it won't. It is just plain silly to
have to use NWADMIN to do the licensing, ConsoleOne to do GroupWise
6.5, and iManager for other things. This is crazy! I can't believe
Novell has sunk this low - both ConsoleOne and iManager should have
the ability and plugins to do everything, absolutely everything.

Dual-core CPUs : How does NW6.5 SP7 handle dual-core CPUs ? Does it
evenly spread the load across the CPU ? Can you assign an NLM to a
particular processor, like all GroupWise processes to one processor ?
Any recommendations on configuration ?

Network cards : with the dwindling drivers support for NetWare, what
is everyone using in terms of server network cards on NW6.5 SP7 ? I
have found that the US Robotics and 3Com cards we were using under
NetWare 5.0 have drivers which are no longer compatible with NW6.5
(they work but you can't bind 802.3/802.2 for compatibility with
legacy print servers). I have gone for a D-Link DGE-530T but I'd be
interested in seeing what others use ?

Licenses : just making sure. The old model of an actual server
licenses and connection licenses of NW4.11/NW5.0, has been replaced in
OES 6.5 with OES connection-licenses-only ?