Hi Folks,

We migrated a pile of our XP SP2 users from attaching to both our old
Novell and NT4 server, to now being connected to both Novell and
Windows 2003 server. Now we receive a number of Drive disconnects on
the XP client machines, sometimes numerous onces per day.

The old Novell server uses IPX, has been rock solid and is one of our
most reliable servers out there. All our clients are XP SP2 and we
are using Client32. The new Windows 2003 runs tcpip of course.

Unsure what is giving us the drive disconnects. It just started out of
the blue as soon as we started attaching workstations to the Windows
2003 server, using Active Directory.

Any ideas ? This problem has plagued us for months.

Les Elton
Network Admin.