It's really been a good couple of weeks for me to hash out my problems
with good results. I hope I can do that here.

My problem with Novell. Truthfully I don't have one at the moment.
However, as I stated previously in another post I think most of my
problems probably stem from confusion about where Novell is going as a
business and what it's doing with it's software. I also got caught up
in the rumors and what not.

I really expect a lot from Novell as a business. Much much more than I
expect from Microsoft or probably a lot of other businesses. I do feel
passionate about Novell and it's products. Frankly Netware was a great
product and really easy to manage and use.

Unfortunately I think the transition from Netware to Linux has stumbled
and fumbled a lot. While it's still a bit early to really gauge how
well Novell will recover from it's follies I do think OES 2 does show
some promise on the software side. I still think they need to
reevaluate their service side a bit, but many business do.


My problem with the forum. Here's my take after taking a break for a
while. Susan is the moderator. While I don't always agree with her
opinion or ruling I will respect them. If a time comes that I can't
live with the rules, direction, or opinions shared in these forums I
will take a break or move on.

However, I will say that it's not always easy for me to realize a
comment I might make is in contrast with the rules. Most of the time I
write the same things I talk about with those people around me. It's
easy for me, as I assume it is for others, to post comments that seem
perfectly fine, but end up not being. And yes I have knowingly posted
comments to incite debate. That was my bad and something I am trying
not to do again.


My final thought is that maybe it takes a bit of rebellion and anarchy
to put things back into perspective. Maybe people really do need to
take a few day, weeks, month, whatever to gain some new perspective.
Maybe the forum needs to close for awhile to allow people to cool down
or move on. I suppose there are a thousand maybes we could all say, but
in the end it really ends up being up to us. While Susan may moderate
and Novell offers the space or whatever it is the user that makes the
forum. We can continue on being fiery and angry until Novell or whoever
decides to kill the forum or we can simply choose to try to stay inside
the ropes.


I'm done being Zen.